Pop! Television Friends TV Series - Wave 3 (Set of 6)

Pop! Television Friends TV Series - Wave 3 (Set of 6)

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Pop! Television Friends TV Series - Wave 3 (Set of 6)
(Cowboy Joey, Music Video Phoebe, Chandler as Bunny, Ross as Sputnik, Monica as Catwoman, Rachel in Pink Dress)

All with BOSS Protectors

NOTE: Box condition cannot be guaranteed to be MINT (10/10) but we always try our very best to handle your DIBS with love and good vibes! Minor box and paint defects are not subject for refund or replacement.

All 4" Funko Pop Exclusives purchased from this site will automatically come with a FREE BOSS PROTECTOR. We also offer FREE TOTAL DIBS METRO MANILA DELIVERY by schedule.


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