Pre-Order Policy

What is a Pre-Order?

A Pre-Order (PO) is an item that has not yet come in-stock or has not yet been released to the public (e.g. it is still being manufactured or is in transit to the Total Dibs warehouse). Pre-Orders are provided to the customers as an opportunity to pre-purchase items and guarantee their slots.

A PO may also be an item that was previously in stock but has sold out temporarily and is awaiting to be restocked at Total Dibs. Placing a PO plays to your advantage especially for limited release or exclusive items that are highly sought after.  These often sell out quickly, so placing a PO might be the only way for you to have the chance to get the item, assuming you have paid the indicated minimum deposit or full payment within 72 HOURS or THREE (3) DAYS after ordering through this website. 

Why should I place a Pre-Order with Total Dibs?

By placing a PO with Total Dibs, you will always have first priority from our shipment. Barring any manufacturing mishaps/shortages/distributor cancellations/acts of god, you are essentially guaranteed the item you pre-ordered, assuming you have successfully paid the minimum PO deposit or full payment. Your pre-ordered item will then be shipped as soon as we receive the stock in our warehouse or retail store. All our Pre-Orders are guaranteed to be served.

Placing a PO with Total Dibs may also give you the chance to take home freebies in addition to the item that you pre-ordered when it arrives. This is a privilege that we decided to grant to those who promptly pay full price in advance for their PO. A fully paid PO will instantly have higher priority over those who have remaining balances to be paid upon delivery or pick-up (e.g. in the event of distributor cancellations and PO inventories are reduced, etc.).


How much is it to Pre-Order an item from Total Dibs?

Pre-Order minimum deposit pricing may vary for the different products that we are offering.  This is indicated as the price for the said item on the website.  Most however require a 50% minimum deposit. All items available for pre-order will also be labelled as such.  You may also always confirm with us if you have any further questions, inquiries, or clarifications about any of our products.   

How can I pay for my Pre-Order with Total Dibs?

You may pay seamlessly upon checkout through this website.

We accept credit and debit card payments, Paypal, GCash and bank deposits via BPI, BDO, Security Bank, and Unionbank.

If you choose to pay via credit or debit card, you may choose Paypal or Credit or Debit Card via Paymongo upon checkout.

All items for pre-order on the website are quoted in their full price. 

In the event that you only choose to pay the 50% minimum deposit, you must select the Bank Deposit option upon checkout. You then have 72 Hours or THREE (3) DAYS to send us a copy of your deposit slip or screenshot in order to secure your slot and avoid cancellation of your Pre-Order.

Please email your proof of payment to Alternatively, you may also message the said proof of payment on our Facebook page. Our staff will always be glad to assist you.

When will my PO arrive?

All items available for PO will have an indicated Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).  This is the time by which we expect to receive the said items at the Total Dibs warehouse or retail store.  This ETA is based from the announced release date given by our suppliers with the added estimated time that the product will be in transit from our overseas address to our Philippine warehouse (as in 60 days via SEA).

There are instances where ETAs may be delayed significantly because of circumstances beyond our control (manufacturing mishaps/shortages/distributor cancellations/acts of god, etc).  In the event that these occur, we will immediately notify you about the adjustments. We hope for your patience and understanding should this happen.

You will be notified also when the item is already in-stock at our warehouse or retail store and is ready for shipment, delivery, or pick-up. This will be done through the contact number and email address that you have included when you signed up for your Total Dibs account. Only items paid in FULL or without remaining payment balances will be sent out for delivery.  Please see our shipping policy.

NOTE: By placing a Pre-Order with Total Dibs, you agree with all the terms stated in this policy.