Total Dibs Terms & Conditions

TotalDibs Toys Trading, more commonly known as TOTAL DIBS, is a duly registered business and by using this website to place an online order you are accepting the terms and conditions as stated below:

  1. All goods and services supplied by Total Dibs are supplied on the following terms and conditions.
  2. All orders placed (Pre-Order or In-Stock) via any of our sale channels including this website, or social media accounts are bound by the same terms and conditions.
  3. All orders are final once you have placed them across all our sale channels.
  4. Payment must be in full before an order can be finalized and sent out for delivery or store pickup. Pre-Orders must have either full payment or minimum pre-order payment as stated on the website. See our Pre-Order Policy.
  5. Cancellations of orders and pre-orders can occur only if it hasn't progressed past the point where it's paperwork has been sent to the warehouse to be processed and dispatched, however we do not offer a change of mind refund and all funds must be placed into store credit, or you can switch the order over to another product. Cash refunds will not be given.
  6. Alterations/add-ons to existing orders can occur only if it hasn't progressed past the point where it's paperwork has been sent to the warehouse to be processed and dispatched.
  7. All product pricing is shown within Philippine Pesos (PHP). During the checkout process, the full amount of your order, in PHP is shown as "TOTAL".
  8. Total Dibs reserves the right to cancel any order that uses a discount code that was not given directly to the customer placing the order.
  9. Total Dibs reserves the right to cancel and refund any product that is charged incorrectly due to an IT issue affecting it's actual SRP. (Suggested Retail Price).
  10. Total Dibs reserves the right to combine any subsequent pre order/s that occur after the initial in-stock shipment with any other Pre Orders/Orders shipping to the same customer name and address.
  11. As we have a huge product inventory online sometimes we may inadvertently run out of an item due to damages or inventory discrepancies. In this case we will get in contact with you to offer an alternative, store credit or a refund on the unavailable product.
  12. International customers are responsible for any customs duties, taxes or fees payable on the importation of items into their respective country and these charges are independent of our website, levied by respective governments. Please check with your local postal services and/or Customs department prior to ordering for further details regarding any costs which may apply.
  13. All Retail Packaging images are kept up to date where possible, however designs can change as part of any subsequent release, if this happens we cannot replace any items due to these changes. The item you are purchasing is still accurate to what you ordered, it is just a retail package redesign as per the manufacturer.
  14. All Domestic Shipping (Philippines) and International Shipping information can be located within our Shipping Policy.
  15. Strict protocols are followed for possible returns and refunds as indicated in our Return and Refund Policy.