10.10 Total Dibs Mystery Box

10.10 Total Dibs Mystery Box

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We also know a lot of you have also availed of our NYCC 2020 Mystery Boxes already. To bridge the wait for that release, we decided to have a new separate wave up for everyone! This is yet another WORTH IT wave because you may get sought after pieces to further spice up your collection for only a fraction of their current costs! :) 

These will ship NEXT WEEK starting Wednesday, OCTOBER 14, 2020. FREE DELIVERY within Metro Manila. Provincial shipping cost automatically applies upon checkout.

Only PHP 650 for a chance at getting any of the following:

- REGULAR Funko Pop!

- Official Convention Stickered Funko Pop! (Usually valued at 3,000 up per piece) - Previous ECCC/SDCC/NYCC Releases

- Shared Convention Stickered Funko Pop! - Previous ECCC/SDCC/NYCC Releases

- US Retailer Exclusive Funko Pop! (Hot Topic, Gamestop, BoxLunch, Funko Shop, and more)

- International (Special Edition) Exclusive Funko Pop!

- VAULTED Funko Pop!

- GRAIL Funko Pop!

* All boxes may have a chance or an added Total Dibs Lucky Pick. These may include any of the following or a combination of the following:

a. Total Dibs Website Discount Voucher (Denominations of PHP 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000)

b. Total Dibs FREE Grand Raffle Entries (More raffle draw announcements and details to be announced at a later date. Reveals of prizes so far include a Nintendo Switch and Motorino Vinyl Turntable)

c. Another Funko Pop! - can be any of ones listed in the list above

d. FREE Funko Pop! Tee (loose) or Pop! Tee Box with Pop! (Sealed or still in box)

e. FREE Funko Pop! Pez (most are also stickered)

f. FREE Funko Pocket Pop! Keychain

g. Total Dibs Merchandise