The Total Dibs Way During Lockdown

By Mark Louis Garcia, Our First #TotalDibsFam Contributing Writer

March 15, 2020 - The whole country was placed under community lockdown for an indefinite time. This was all brought upon by the global pandemic, COVID-19. With this up on our plates, we all wonder - How do we keep our new normal fun and exciting?

The first few days were full of anticipation; thinking that this will all be over soon, right? But as weeks progressed, we all accepted the fact that it would take longer for everything to be the same way as before. Personally, I became anxious because I still have a lot of academic load up on my alley. Being far from my significant other, Isel, didn't help too. I needed a breather and a way to lessen the anxiety. 

March 22, 2020 - Just a week after being placed in community lockdown, Total Dibs came up with a wonderful idea. They had a way for the whole Funko Community to get involved and have fun! Thus rising the first of many Total Dibs ECQ Challenges. From Word Search, Spot the Difference, Crossword Puzzles and many more, everyone had a chance to participate and win prizes! All entries also garnered free raffle entries to the biggest, most exciting, celebratory Total Dibs raffle. I took part in most of the challenges and won in the first one! 

Adapting to the new normal became fun with the online challenges taking place. As time progressed, I passed all my academic load! I also got to spend time with Isel once the metro was placed on GCQ (General Community Quarantine)! I also made new friends in the community, #TeamWerewolf. We spent most nights on Telegram playing Werewolf and most often, pang-lalason occurs (hahaha)! This helped us connect and build friendships during these trying times.

The Total Dibs Way provided exciting ways for us to cope with the new normal. It continuously helps us look at the brighter side of things, sharing love and spreading good vibes. May everyone stay safe and here's to seeing everybody again on Satoydays!