How was Total Dibs born?

By MJ, Operations, Total Dibs 
Have you ever looked online at toy news and said to yourself:
“Wow, I wish I could get those exclusives.”
Guess what, we tell ourselves the SAME things every day.
We’ve been collecting toys and other pop culture merchandise since the 90’s and it’s a constant frustration to hear all about exclusive toys and NOT be able to get them, and through the most affordable means at that.
Filipino collectors are the most dedicated collectors on earth and we truly deserve only the best. 
This is why Total Dibs was born, with the vision of bringing sought-after exclusives to Philippine shores and Filipino fans seamlessly.  It was in 2019 when friends JM, AB, and JC came together and stronger than their previous individual entrepreneurial stints just for their love for all things toys, gaming, and pop culture. As a sideline to their more formal careers, they began sending in exclusive Funko products from retailers in the United States and selling them in events like Toycon at the SMX Convention Center.  They've constantly gone to comic and toy conventions in the years prior, thus making convention exclusives a specialty that continues to this day. In fact, they even referred to themselves as "the booth with no name" back then for the lack of a decent name until JM finally had a eureka moment one fine evening. "Dibs", a word he heard and personally professed online everyday needed to be in the name somehow! He thought however that it lacked the conviction that's powerful enough to be a brand with great potential. Ahhh "Total Dibs" it must be, he joyfully exclaimed after that extra sip of beer. 
Boom! Yes, "Claim with absolute authority! Choose as your own! We Got Your Dibs! Total Dibs!"
And the rest is history.
2020 Fashion c/o Billie Eilish
With quarantine season (hopefully) coming to a close in the next weeks, a sense of normalcy is of utmost importance to us here in Total Dibs. We look forward to more giveaways and events to tide you over until we can meet face-to-face once more.
Share the love, spread the good vibes and stay safe Total Dibs Fam!