By Isel Clemente

#TheTotalDibsWay is the way! Total Dibs continuously inspire people as they bring happiness to the home of every collector they could reach out to.

Their new delivery service is pretty awesome! It is hassle-free and safe especially now with this pandemic where in going out is risky, door-to-door delivery is a great solution to lessen the exposure outdoors and the physical contact with other people as well.

They do not stop there. They go over and beyond to reach out to what actually matters to the heart. How did they bring happiness to my home? – Through my brother. I’ve recently introduced Funko to my loving special-needs older brother, and I’ve been posting videos and photos of him happily unboxing Funko Pop!s given to him. One day Total Dibs messaged me about how they were touched by my Kuya’s innocence and pure joy, and that they wanted to send some things over to make my Kuya happy.

They certainly made my Kuya happy but during this moment, I was the happiest. Thank you to #TheTotalDibsWay of bringing joy to our homes.

Isel Clemente